Lower Hutt names new rubbish trucks

Hutt City has named it’s new recycling trucks and the names have been causing some converstion .

Some of the names include Bruce Springclean,Trash Gordon and Trucky McTurckface,among others.

To promote the new vehicles,Hutt City Council  asked the public to submit names for each of the trucks,then put it to final vote via Facebook,

The final winning names were Bin Diesel,Truck Norris,Recyclosaurus Rex,Bruse Springclean,Trash Gordon,Chitty Chitty Bin Bin,and Trucky McTruckface.

Out of all the submissions, Trucky McTruckface received the most nominations.

It is hoped that naming the trucks would bring the community together,and get people talking about recycling.

The names will be printed on the sides of the trucks.



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