The two shoe makers

One sunny happy day there was a short little man called BongBong, BongBong is a nice sweet guy he owns his own shoe shop in Auckland New Zealand, But one day there was a man that was tall as a tree skinny was a string of hair and his name was DumbDumb, Dumb Dumb always tries to make other people shoes business shut down even tho they have nothing to do with him. One day BongBong Opened up his shop so he can get it ready for the next person to buy something, BongBong was cleaning a bright pink high heels that was so high you maybe could be as tall as the sky tower, And a lady that was very attracted to the lovely shoe BongBong was happy that some already wanted to buy a shoe from his store,

“Lovely” the lady said, “Would you like to buy it?” BongBong said to the lady with happiness,

“Oh yes” said the lady, “Sure!! Suddenly BongBong heard a classic car pull up out of nowhere.


Then He comes out of the car and grins, Then all of a sudden fancy shoes come out of nowhere with clean perfect shelfs were the shoes we’re on, “ooo Nice” The lady said, She walk up to the car and the DumbDumb shows her the shoe “Umm Sorry but no” then she walks to BongBongs shop to buy the shoe but then out of nowhere “boom” signs of discounts, Then she looks with happiness and walks over to the car and buys a shoe,

She looks at BongBong with guilt then walks off. BongBong was very unhappy about what just happened. He felt like somebody stabbed him behind the back, But then he had the best plan ever.


BongBong got up very early in the morning to work on some shoes, five  hours later he was done with his shoe he has work so hard on, DumbDumb was waiting for BongBong to come outside, BongBong came outside with his new shoe he made then out of nowhere DumbDumb brings out jordans with him on it as the logo BongBongs jaw fell to the ground, Then BongBong gave up and was trying his best to get people too buy his shoes that he even gave discounts, BongBong just kept on losing money everyday then it went to one point he had no money left BongBong was sad, Then a note slides in the door from DumbDumb, BongBong walks to garb it BongBong looked and it was about his shop getting shut down “huh” BongBong said in a sad way. He was upset about what he read, But then he his shoes had a plan, They all was working on there plan all day, BongBong walk outside and sees DumbDumb waiting for him, BongBong wants to give golden shoes because it is part of his plan but he doesn’t really know what is going on. He looked back at the shoes “You got this” said the shoes “okay” said BongBong, BongBong walks to DumbDumb with the box of golden shoes and paper about his shop getting shut down, DumbDumb looks at the box “Hmm” DumbDumb takes the box and sees the paper in the box to and slimes then sees the lovely golden shoes BongBong walks back to his shop with a sad face walk in pain, Then BongBong could hear at the side of his ear was DumbDumb going “what is happening?”, BongBong looks over and all he could see was DumbDumb running off saying “what is going on?”, Then DumbDumb drops the paper the BongBong walks up to the paper and picks it up and rips it apart then walk with happiness knowing his shop will never shut down.

Multiplication partitioning number over 20


Use partitioning to answer the questions below.

The Multiplier DLO can help you to do your working. TDONCB

Question Screenshot Answer
Example 22 x 4 = 88
1 24 x 3 = 20×3=60 4×3=12 60+12=72 72
2 25 x 5 = 20×5=110 5×5=50 100+25=125 125
3 21 x 4 = 20×4=80 1×4=4 70+10+2+2=84 84
4 22 x 3 = 20×4=80 1×3=3 50+10=60 60+5+6=66 66
5 23 x 4 = 20×4=80 1×4=4 80+10=90 90+2=92 92
6 19 x 4 = 1×4=4 60+10=70 70+5+1=76  76
7 17 x 5 = 1×5=5 70+10=80 80+4+1=85 85
8 27 x 4 = 1×4=4 90+10=100 100+4+4=18 108
9 28 x 3 = 1×3=3 70+10=80 80+4=84 84
10 21 x 5 = 1×5=5 50+50=100 100+5=105 105