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Pourquoi tale

One day Their was a moon that would get very gurmy at times others would talk about him he wasn’t a very energetic moon he doesn’t like to be loud or annoyed, Then one day their was a fish that loves to get very cheeky to others and that was very energetic and annoying.


One day it was nighttime and it was dark and rain was pouring out of the sky , Fish didn’t like how it was raining he hates rain, Fish didn’t like how the moon was the spotlight when it was dark The moon would shine it’s gary light on to the sea but fish wanted the spotlight, Then fish went to his friends and started talking about moon, (fish)I hate the moon It always has the spotlight it shine right into the water (Fish’s friend) Just deal with it, say’s fish’s friend.

That night the moon heard that whole thing fish said.


The next day at night, The moon shined even more brighter then the day before, Fish got even more mad at looked at moon up in the dark sky saying why do you shine so bright can you like not because it’s like you want the spotlight for everyone to like you fish said. Moon got mad and couldn’t handle it, So Moon took fish, fish got scared he was wondering were he was then he realised were he is inside the moon, Fish was begging for forgiveness, But Moon didn’t replay.

Everytime fish would move the moon would always change shape, That how things are the way they are. 

Immersion assembly

Today I am going to be talking about the first day of school. Today was the first day of school on the first day of school we always have an immersion assembly. This morning we walked to the hall to go to Immersion assembly, And We got told the theme for tis term, And each team got to do a play or ether just play a video. The first team up was team 1, Team one was about helping others, The next team that was up was team 2, They did a play about dancing,

The next team that was up was team 3, Team 3 was about loving each other and helping each other when their down.After team 3 it was team 4, Team for was about being hero’s and being kind to others. After team 4 it was team 5, Team 5 was about to stand up for who you are.


Once their was a boy called Paula, He likes cookies and was a good dancer he is very a happy person with a cheerful personality, When he is always on the stage he goes all out like a rocket blasting into the sky, And at time he can get in a lot of drama,Even sometime he can be a fat mouth. One day paula was dancing his best on the stage in front of the whole school and fell off the stage and died.



Today I am going to be talking about the lovely art gallery. Pt england school has been working hard on art works to show the whole school. A lot of kids in Pt england has been working so hard on there art just so that they can show the whole shool what there talent is.

Walking in to the art gallery was the most beautiful hall I have ever been inside of.There was amazing clay that people made in team 5, Also there was beats team 4 kids made on garage band. And there was much more art that looked so good.Also Today we had a Assmbly for team 5 to shine.